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British Business Group Azerbaijan
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‼️Attention British Nationals‼️#Flights #Update

We have been informed by #AZAL that all bookings and sales on AZAL’s flights between #London-Baku and #Baku-London have been suspended until further notice. As soon as we have further information including on when and if scheduled flights will take place we will provide information.

If you were booked on any flights for the coming weeks you should contact AZAL’s London office for more information: +441414160888 or london@azal.uk #covid19 #baku #azerbaijan #britishnationals

British Business Group Azerbaijan
British Embassy Azerbaijan - Britaniyanın Azərbaycandakı Səfirliyi
Q&A with Ambassador James Sharp on Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
British Business Group Azerbaijan
British Business Group Azerbaijan
Here is the latest - further tightening. This has not been quite so straightforward to translate as there are specific meanings that are not fantastically clear. Anyway - here goes - the tone of he decrees have changed too I would say;

Despite preventive measures taken by the Azerbaijani government, the disease is spreading throughout the country. At present, the dynamics of virus infection in Azerbaijan is growing every day. Unfortunately, in addition to the aggressive and high rate of infection, the majority of the population does not comply with the requirements of the regime, close contact with others, leaving home when it is not necessary, non-compliance with the requirements of the quarantine period on public transport, etc. caused non-compliance with existing regulations.

In order to minimize close contact between people, thereby reducing the rate of infection, a special regime period has been strengthened in the country from March 31 to April 20. You may leave your house in case of an emergency, in case of visiting retail and public service facilities, to dispose of household waste, as well as work in organizations operating during the special regime, for the purpose of performing official duties.

When it’s is necessary to go out people must take IDs; people working in the fields allowed to operate at this period their service ID or official permission from the employer; those working for diplomatic missions and international organizations, both foreigners and local staff must have with them ID card issued by the MFA.

It is recommended not to use private cars without serious necessity, to wait a distance of 2 meters when in contact with people. (NOTE) you should only be leaving your house to go locally is the point that the decree seems to be trying to make).

We state that all measures are taken to ensure the safety of citizens, to protect the health of every inhabitant of Azerbaijan.
Everyone is required to follow the rules of the quarantine regime to prevent the virus as soon as possible, to avoid more dangerous complications among people, and not to leave the house unless necessary.
Legal liability will be imposed on those who do not comply with the rules of the quarantine regime.

The Metro will be closed from 10pm tonight until the 20th April.

Passenger flights and rail services have been suspended between Russia and Azerbaijan with mutual consent - the land border is also operated on a restricted basis, Azerbaijani citizens can only cross on a Saturday and will be placed in quaratine for 14-21 or 21-28 days.
British Business Group Azerbaijan
British Business Group Azerbaijan
An increase in the restrictions - kicks in at midnight. No real change except maybe for exercise/going for a walk - I will try and get confirmation on that:
Looks like you may only leave your house/apartment in case of urgent medical care, in case of imminent danger to life and health, visiting authorized retail and public service facilities, in case of household waste disposal, as well as performing duties in organizations operating under special regime possible with the purpose.
In connection with the above, the activities in other areas, except for the areas of work and services necessary for the life and activity of people, will be suspended from 00:00 on March 31, 2020 to 00:00 on April 20, 2020.
In order to minimize human contact with each other and thus reduce the rate of infection, activities in the following areas of work and services are prohibited during the declared period:
• On-site customer service in all commercial and catering establishments, including restaurants, cafes and tea houses (excluding supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacies, home delivery, delivery and online sales);
• Recreation and entertainment services;
• Activities of cultural facilities, as well as museums and exhibition halls, cinemas, theaters, gyms;
• Barbershops, beauty salons, massages, baths and cosmetic services (including services in the client's home or elsewhere);
• Religious ritual services other than funerals, as well as mourning services in ceremonial halls, tents and other enclosed spaces;
• Tailoring services (including service in the customer's home or elsewhere);
• Photo studios / photo studios (including service in the client's home or other places in this area);
• Event management services (including the organization of birthdays, weddings, engagements and similar ceremonies in the client's home or other venues in this area);
• Sports, health and rehabilitation services (excluding medical services in this area);
• Cleaning services in individual apartments;
• Individual teaching and tutoring services (including home services in this area).
During this period, it is allowed to continue activities in the following areas, subject to compliance with the requirements of the special regime period:
1. Executive authorities and organizations, the list of which is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
2. In the field of health and social:
• Research and laboratory services
• Services for hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions
3. In the field of infrastructure:
• Utilities (sewerage and water supply, gas supply, heating, energy distribution)
• Electricity generation and supply
• Water supply and reclamation
• Telecommunications and communication services
4. In the field of transport and logistics:
• Cargo transportation by air, sea, rail and road
• Railway, shipping, port and highway services
• Logistics services
• Public transport and taxi services
5. Main types of production:
• Production of defense industry products
• Manufacture of oil equipment and facilities
• Production and supply of food and raw materials, supply, storage and wholesale of food products
• Production of daily care and hygiene products
• Production of chemical products
• Production and processing of agricultural products, including the activities of farms
• Agriculture and harvesting
• Production, refining, storage and sale of oil and gas
• Transmission of oil and gas through pipelines
• Activities in the metallurgical industry
• Production and repair of construction and household equipment
• Engineering and design services
• Construction and repair of civil and industrial buildings and facilities, roads
• Production of packaging products
• Manufacture of stone, metal and wood products
• Furniture production and repair
• Slaughter of live animals
6. For retail and wholesale:
• Food outlets
• Pharmacies
• Filling stations
• Zoo shops, including animal feed outlets
• Sales points for construction materials and household items
7. On household services
• Collection and utilization of household waste
• Postal services
• Dry cleaning
• Cleaning of residential buildings except apartments
• Car repair
• Car washes
• Translation services
• Animal shelters
• Design services
8. Mass media
9. On financial institutions
• Banks and currency exchange offices
• Insurance organizations
• Organizations providing payment services and clearing services
10. On special types of services
• Delivery services
• Repair of household appliances
• Disinfection services
During the quarantine period, the use of e-commerce by every person and organization should be preferred.Karantin dövründə hər bir şəxs və təşkilat tərəfindən elektron ticarətdən istifadəyə üstünlük verilməlidir.The list of public and private organizations that will operate during the special regime and the mode of operation will be additionally determined.
Taking into account the long incubation period of COVID-19 virus, the speed of its spread, our citizens once again follow the requirements and rules of the World Health Organization, the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, behave in accordance with self-isolation measures and are required to wait a distance of 2 meters when in contact with people. It is strongly recommended to call 103, 113 emergency medical services, 1542 hotline in case of symptoms characteristic of coronavirus disease.
British Business Group Azerbaijan
British Business Group Azerbaijan
Message from the British Embassy in Baku

In the light of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we receive a lot of questions from British Nationals residing/living in Azerbaijan. We acknowledge the concern of everyone and on Thursday at 16:00 (Baku time), Ambassador James Sharp will answer questions of the members of British community in Azerbaijan on British Embassy Baku’s official Facebook page. We kindly ask all British Nationals to send their questions by Wednesday 18:00 (Baku time) to us. In the meantime, please, stay home and safe. socialprofessional@bbgaz.co.uk if the place to send your questions.
British Business Group Azerbaijan
British Business Group Azerbaijan
Here is a good consolidation of where we are – a few latest decrees from the Cabinet of Ministers etc.




Non-working days have been extended within the territory of Azerbaijan Republic

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 25 March 2020 (“Decree”), due to a special labor regime in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

- for those working within the five-days working week: 29 March 29 – 3 April 2020 and
- for those working within the six-days working week: 26-28 March and 30 March – 4 April 2020 shall be considered as non-working days.

The Decree does not apply to publicly important, life-support facilities, as well as banks, supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, food production enterprises and senior officials, and where necessary, other employees of state bodies and institutions listed in the Annex to the Decree.

The mentioned employees who worked within the period specified under the Decree shall have the right to receive additional days off in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 164 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and their salaries shall be maintained.

The need for foreigners to apply for registration at the place of stay has been eliminated

According to the information provided by the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 26 March 2020, applications of foreigners on registration upon place of stay, whose current registration expires within March 16-24 and who are not able to leave the country shall be considered accepted by the State Migration Service.

The need for foreigners to apply for an extension of their temporary stay in the country has been eliminated

According to the information published by the Public Relations Department of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 24 March 2020, the need to apply for an extension of the temporary stay of foreigners currently remaining in the country and unable to leave the country has been eliminated. Applications of foreigners whose stay in the country expires within the period from 24 March 2020 to 30 April 2020 are considered accepted by the State Migration Service and the validity of their stay in the country will be subject to payment of the state duty as provided under the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On State Duty”:

- extension for 30 days – AZN 15 for minors, AZN 30 for others,
- extension for 60 days – AZN 30 for minors, AZN 60 for others.

In order to extend the period of temporary stay in the country, it is necessary to pay a state fee. Payment can be made electronically through the Government Payment Portal, the "ASAN payment" system and through Expresspay terminals by obtaining a payment number through the "Follow the application" section on the website of the State Migration Service. Payment numbers will be posted on the website of the State Migration Service within two days.

There is no need to collect physical decisions on extension of the stay. In this regard, foreigners are advised not to approach the reception offices of the State Migration Service.